1. Competition

Competition in some popular areas can be tough, with luxury properties and fantastic amenities attracting guests. You will need to make your investment attractive to get high occupancy and charge higher nightly rents.

2. Seasonality

Although all seasons can see holiday makers and then the very best holiday lets can also see a high occupancy all year the truth is that of course the summer is going to see a higher occupancy rate, as well as the opportunity to charge higher nightly rates.

3. Property Updates

You will need to keep your property up to date with all the expected luxuries and mod-cons of modern living, modern TVs, modern décor and fresh clean furnishings. This can incur high costs. Guests may also expect something grander than their own homes, so this means hot-tubs, high end garden furniture etc.

4. Bills

As the owner you or your management company are responsible for all bills, so internet, gas, electricity etc… whereas long term lets tenants can be responsible for this themselves.

5. Management company

It would be highly recommended that you do not manage these investments yourself as they can be a full-time job if you own multiple. For this reason, management companies will charge a much higher rate than traditional BTL property.

6. Local council ban

Some areas have banned the allowance of running a property as a short term let/ holiday home. This is more of an entry issue, if you can overcome this then you should be fine.

7. Mortgages

Some finance providers will not offer mortgages on short-term let properties, this means you will need to make as a cash purchase. However, again this is an entry requirement and financing can still be found, so overcoming this is still achievable.


What are the best UK locations for Investing in Holiday Buy-to-let

The locations for a staycation in the UK are no secret to any Brit, but if you’re an overseas investor you may not have heard of many areas where Brits like to stay, as it is not the same as international visitors who may choose to see the sites of somewhere like London.

Holiday let investment


999 yr Leasehold

  • Completing Q4 2023
  • Extensive Amenities
  • Studios, 1 & 2 beds

Prices From £405,927


London Property Investment


London is a top ranked global business hub, a world-class open economy city and the biggest one in western Europe.  In the Global Finance 2022 ranking of world’s best cities to live in, London claimed position No1. London is a city of choice due to its high score in culture, restaurants, shopping and nightlife, accessibility and population growth.

Over 2000 years the city has endured various crises from plague, fire, the Blitz, terrorist attacks, to financial crises and recessions, and has proven to be a resilient city with strength, unity and determination to overcome difficult times.  London has its Resilience Partnership which gathers over 200 organisations developing together the city’s resilience through prevention, management and recovery.

The financial and political stability that London has enjoyed has rendered it into an attractive and dynamic property market that rewards forward planning, adaptability and innovation.

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