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Fabrik Invest helps global investors build financial stability through safe and reliable property investments. We provide clients access to asset-backed properties in prime locations that offer real, long-term growth opportunities.

As a result, we only promote high-quality builds that will deliver sustainable housing solutions to meet demand. For investor ease, we market fully managed developments that produce a robust income stream, making them an ideal option for portfolio diversification.

Fabrik Invest is a leading and trusted UK property investment company. Our independent, high-star reviews reflect our dedication to our clients and approach to sourcing reliable investments.


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What we do

With over 100 years of combined experience, Fabrik Invest uses its team’s expertise to source high-performing property investments in UK towns and cities that offer excellent long-term returns.

We pride ourselves on working with leading talent within the property sector to provide a secure, industry-leading approach to securing the best opportunities.

Client security and stability are at the heart of what we do. Therefore, we have a strict due diligence process, only operate in locations with demand, and work with reputable developers and management companies.

Our experience and industry knowledge shape our product selection, helping us emerge as the UK’s most trusted property consultancy.




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Who we help

  • First-time investors
  • Seasoned property investors

  • Retirement investors
  • Passive income seekers
  • Expats
  • Overseas investors
  • Funds and institutions


Who We Help


First-time investor

Seasoned property investors

Retirement investors

Passive income seekers


Overseas investors

Funds and institutions


Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Fabrik Property Group

Fabrik Invest comprises a talented group of professionals passionate about property and delivering opportunities that
align with the company’s mission to build financial stability for all through simplified and powerful investments.

Steve Jacob

Group CEO

Steve is the CEO of Fabrik Property Group and has been involved in business and construction from a young age.

With a portfolio of over 50 properties, having seen the highs and lows and the dos and don’ts of the property world, he is well placed to advise on everything from due diligence to acquisition.

Regardless of his experience and knowledge in property, Steve has a keen eye in talent acquisition along with being an advocate of culture creation and building a world-class team. This obsession with building the perfcet team also helps to drive Fabrik Property Group to be the highest educated property company in the UK, to the clear benefit of all our investors.

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Dale Anderson

Managing Director

Dale has over 15 years’ experience in the property sector. No one is better placed in finding the best opportunities in the UK for the whole Fabrik team and their clients.

Having worked with most UK developers he has the deepest understanding of what each developer has to offer to our investors. In addition, his passion and obsession with the UK property market allows him to continuously share his knowledge, and to ensure every step we take for our investors is the right one.

He enjoys helping others succeed with property investment using the same techniques and strategies that he has used himself.

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Matt Harper-Penman

Group Director

Matt is one of the Cofounders and Group Directors of Fabrik Property Group, specialising in investment strategy, with a background in accounting.

Matts approach is one of the most unique in the industry, offering a full lifetime investment strategy to everyone he speaks with. With Matt it is not what is just the best move right now but what is the best move for his client, 10 or even 20 years from now, with a strong focus on risk mitigation and stability.

Matt is perfectly positioned to guide generational clients on the best opportunities available to build their UK property portfolios, for now and the future.

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Mike Curzon

Sales Manager

A wealth of experience spanning over a decade, Mike has established himself as a trusted advisor to Middle East and international investors seeking to navigate the UK property market.

Assisting clients in handpicking the most lucrative and secure assets. Every transaction within Mike’s team maintains the highest level of due diligence, which is at the core of Fabrik’s values.

With this level of experience clients can consistently rely on Mike to build their portfolios, in the safe knowledge that his expertise is the best choice to safeguard their wealth.

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Michael Bellenie MRICS

Chartered Surveyor

Michael has over 11 years’ experience in the property industry. He is a qualified Chartered Surveyor and has been a member of the RICS since 2014.

The level of expertise Michael brings to the team makes Fabrik Property Group stand above all competition, with few consultancies being able to claim to have a fully qualified RICS valuer within their ranks.

This allows us to carry out the utmost professional valuation on all properties we present to our investors, ensuring we only ever offer truly exceptional opportunities to all our clients.

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Daniel Harburn

Customer Care Manager

Introducing Daniel Harburn, a dedicated Client Care Manager and Consultant at Fabrik Property Group. With expertise in construction and a passion for helping clients find the right property investments.

 Daniel provides personalized guidance, conducts thorough research, and delivers exceptional support throughout the investment journey. His commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a seamless and rewarding experience for all clients.

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Hollie Esaw

Progression Manager

Holly, our Sales Progress Officer, leverages her extensive expertise to ensure a seamless experience for all our clients, encompassing various aspects such as mortgages, client interactions, and solicitor liaison.

Hollie's unwavering dedication and profound understanding of solicitor dealings significantly expedite the sales process. Consequently, our clients can trust that all necessary measures are diligently executed behind the scenes to facilitate efficient handling, pursuit, and processing of sales transactions.

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Donna Sartain

Financial Controller

Donna, our in-house accountant with close to two decades of experience as a financial controller. At Fabrik Property Group we are as detailed about our own business model and finances as we are with our own client’s wealth management.

Donna’s experience in this area ensures we have the right people on all levels of our business, to ensure we can eventually pass any benefits to our investors and affiliates.

Donna ensures the business stays solid so the front line can focus on client service.

We believe if we can’t keep our own house in order then we shouldn’t be helping investors manage their wealth, which is why Donna is such an integral part of our team.

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Mark May


With an extensive background of more than 7 years in property industry marketing, Mark's unwavering commitment to effective marketing strategies and impeccable customer communication through the delivery of valuable and relevant content ensures that our esteemed partners and affiliates consistently receive the support they require.

Furthermore, Mark diligently guarantees that those who are in utmost need of our services can effortlessly discover us, whether it be through online channels or traditional marketing methods.

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A client first service

Fabrik Invest provides access to simplified investment products.
Here is what you can expect from our excellent-rated client service.


Connect with your dedicated
property consultant to discuss
your investment goals

Take your time to view our
available opportunities and
select the right property for you
Upon appointing your solicitor,
our purchase progression team
will assist you through Exchange
of Contracts
If your property is off-plan, you’ll
receive regular construction
updates throughout the build phase
At Completion, our team will
ensure that your rental property
is delivering returns and is
professionally managed
Be safe in the knowledge that our
client-focused aftersales team
are contactable at any time

Excellent-rated reviews


Giving back to the community

Proud supporter of The Crystal Kingdom Social Enterprise