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Steve Jacob


Dale Anderson

Sales & Managing Director

Matt Harper-Penman

Group Director

Francesca Proctor

Operations Manager 

Dale Anderson

Sales & Managing Director

With many years’ experience in the property investment industry, Dale Anderson is a trusted figure, known for his honesty and professionalism. He enjoys helping others succeed with property investment using the same techniques and strategies that he has used himself. Due to his expert insight into UK property investment markets, he has often been featured in the media, including being interviewed by the likes of the Financial Times, BBC, CNN and the Daily Telegraph. He enjoys mentoring, training and coaching others and is a firm believer in building long-lasting partnerships and alliances within the industry.

Dale’s core focus has been overseeing and managing a London-based property team and helping build a small property agency into one of the market leaders over the past 12 years.

Due to his expert market knowledge, foresight and ability to get sales consultants to exceed targets, Dale was quickly promoted to more senior positions. His experience includes all aspects of business development, product launches, marketing campaigns and sales team training.

Dale works exclusively with some of the fastest growing property developers in the UK. He is a firm believer in the Northern Powerhouse regions, such as Liverpool and Manchester, as well as in the value of market leading projects in commuter belt areas around Greater London.

Billy Jacob

Investment Manager

Billy is our Head of Sales and Relationship Management, with nearly 7 years’ experience in the property industry in a variety of senior sales and team management roles. During this time, he’s helped to drive operational, transformation and business changes for Fabrik.

Billy has a logical approach to running the investment team and is very client focused, his understanding nature comes in handy when dealing with complex, multi-level customer needs and requirements.

Part of Billy’s role is to ensure that we are always putting the customer first, which he has instilled in all his entire team. Hi ability to listen and address issues has helped to define our sales process.

Billy has a keen interest in Golf and the Gym and in his spare time he likes spending it with family and friends.

Francesca Proctor

Operations Manager 

Francesca is the Operations Manager at Fabrik Property Group.
Working within the senior management team she provides key support to facilitate the whole organisation’s activity.

Having previously been assistant to a Managing Director of a £600m + large corporate for 10 years, Francesca is well placed with the experience to spear head the operations of the business.

Her role is to ensure that the business is efficient in it’s activity and that all departments have what they need to carry out their own role to the highest standard.

Francesca is a meticulous planner and is very well organised to stay on top of the day to to day running, of what is an exciting and dynamic company in Fabrik Property Group.

Francesca also manages our external team, ensuring key KPI measures are hit and delivered to the senior management team.

Matt Harper-Penman

Group Director

Matt is one of the co-founders of Fabrik. He started his career graduating through one of the top accounting firms, Grant Thornton LLP. Originally from an accountancy background, Matt specialised in Audit and Assurance, working predominantly with large private sector clients.

Bringing his financial experience into the property world, Matt has been a leading force in positioning Fabrik at the forefront of portfolio building in the UK property sector.

Matt is a star profile within the Wealth Dynamics profiling system developed by Roger Hamilton, which means Matt’s strengths lay in the client-facing parts of the business.

Matt has been involved in completed transactions on over 300 units for clients, ranging from single properties to multi-million pound portfolios. As such, he is well placed to handle a wide variety of clients’ needs and to build unique, varied portfolios.

Whether it’s a first-time property investor or a seasoned investor looking to strengthen their portfolio, Matt is well placed to help them grow and achieve their goals.

Over the years, Matt has invested over £50,000 into his own property education and continued professional development so that he is constantly and consistently able to advise on strategies and how best to navigate an ever-changing market place.

Steve Jacob


Steve is a co-founder and CEO of Fabrik Property Group. He has been involved in construction and business from a young age. This has allowed him to pick up plenty of useful site knowledge, giving him an edge when on site at our development projects, as well as with running the company.

After working in construction for a number of years, Stevie moved into the city to work as a broker. This is where he found the mentor who completely altered his mindset and changed the path of his life, paving the way towards the formation of Fabrik.

As a broker, Stevie learned how to work effectively with investors and to cater to their needs in a professional environment. He also understood the importance of excellent customer care and service from an investor’s point of view.

Stevie brought all of the systems and business processes he learned as a broker with him to Fabrik, where he slotted naturally into running the operations side of the company.

Stevie is a supporter profile within the Wealth Dynamics profiling system developed by Roger Hamilton, which means Stevie’s strengths lay in the behind-the-scenes systems and structuring parts of the business. He excels at supporting others in their roles, helping solve any issues they may be facing and enabling them to perform with maximum efficiency.

Stevie has invested over £50,000 in his own property education and continued professional development to stay on top of the latest market strategies.

With a high level of business acumen, Stevie is positively bullish and forward thinking in his approach to decision making. He recognised early the value in building strong asset-based and contract-based companies, which Fabrik represents across the board, in particular the acquisition company.

When he’s not working, Stevie enjoys going to the gym regularly and spending quality time with his family, especially his sons Blake and Tate, and his fiancé Holly.

Wayne Venter

International Business Development Manager

Wayne has been in the property industry for over 17 years. He started out selling residential properties in the northern suburbs of Sandton, South Africa, for one of the bigger real estate brands, before moving to a boutique, Johannesburg-based property developer. He worked at a senior level, specialising in residential developments on the north coast of KZN and various other areas of Northern Johannesburg.

Wayne moved to selling luxury, free standing homes and apartments in Sandton, Johannesburg in 2006, having joined the Country’s leading real estate brand and within six months was leading the team. In 2008, he began to focus exclusively on the luxury apartments in central Sandton, priced from approximately R2 million to R60 million. Over the years, he has also added commercial property sales and rentals to his repertoire, as well as building his own investment property portfolio between 2011 and 2018.

By 2018, realising where the South African property market was headed, he sold out of his investment property portfolio to de-risk and went looking for a real estate company to buy into. South Africa’s property market was extremely volatile at that time, so Wayne took the initiative and moved to London to work in property in the UK.

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Edward Snell

Senior Property Consultant

I live in Spanish countryside with my wife and our 11 rescue dogs.

Originally from Bedford, I have two sons, two step children & 6 grandchildren.

I have a keen interest in property investment and over the years have built up a personal portfolio for the purposes of rental income and capital growth.

I have over 20 years’ experience in property investment, both in the UK & overseas.

My other interests include animal welfare, football, motorsports, travel and music

My personality is of an even temperament and I enjoy the cut and thrust of doing deals.
I am happy and successful in what I do & take great pleasure in providing my clients with successful outcomes.

I’m a good team player but work well as an individual.

Daniel Harburn

Property Sales Consultant

Daniel had a passion for property from a young age so he began his working life by undertaking a plumbing apprenticeship for a large well known UK developer to pursue a career in construction. After qualifying he soon realised that building relationships was a preferred skill of his due to his loyal and trusting nature.

From then on Daniel launched his career in sales where he worked his way to to a high performing sales person at a creative media company. Part of Daniels success in accumulating clients over the last 10 years is put down to his diligence in customer experience.

Daniel has a keen interest in golf and also in keeping himself fit which is essential as he and his fiancé have 4 year old twins, Jacob and Sofia who keep them both on their toes.

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